We need highly passionate robotics engineers, who are interested in making software for robots running all around the globe.  The robots range from small, shoe-box sized robots to commercial floor cleaning robots.

We solve challenging problems, which require the engineers to learn and implement cutting edge algorithms, dive into large code bases, analyze hours of data and run simulation for days. If this excites you, Mowito  is the place for you!

For any questions, contact [email protected]

Job Description - Internship/Full-time

The primary focus will be on the navigation software of ground-based mobile robots. This include building software for planning, controls, SLAM, etc.

Apart from that, there could be other programming tasks too related to product packaging, maintenance, deployment etc.

Minimum Skills

  • proficiency C++
  • proficiency in Linux

Bonus skills

  • experience with ROS
  • experience with Python

Minimum Duration (for internship):

5 Months

Internship Location:


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