Navigation solutions for your Robots

Plug-&-Play software platform to make your robot fully self driving

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Navigation Modules

Motion Planning

Localization (LiDAR)

Mission Management

Control & Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Custom Modules

Fleet Management

User Interface

Mission Specific Planners & Controllers

Modules Under Development

Depth Camera Based Localization

Fresh Out of Kitchen

Safe Tele-Op powered by Mowito's MaxL Controller

About Us

We develop Intelligent Software Platform to  give your mobile robots intelligence to move around safely and robustly even in crowded areas. With our platform you can focus on more crucial and unique features of your robot, which will set it apart from the competition.


puru rastogi

Puru Rastogi
Robotics Engineer
Alum: Carnegie Mellon University
Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu Gupta
Robotics Engineer
Alum: Ecole cenrale de Nantes

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