Navigation solutions for your Robots

Plug-&-Play software platform to make your robot fully self driving

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Navigation Modules

Motion Planning

Localization (LiDAR)

Mission Management

Control & Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Custom Modules

Fleet Management

User Interface

Mission Specific Planners & Controllers

Modules Under Development

Depth Camera Based Localization

Fresh Out of Kitchen

Safe Tele-Op powered by Mowito's MaxL Controller


Puru Rastogi

Chief Executive Officer

Alum: Carnegie Mellon University

Himanshu Gupta

Chief Technical Officer

Alum:Ecole centrale de Nantes

Rishabh Garg

Robotics Engineer Intern

Aswing Gururaj

Robotics Engineer

Divyanshu Sahu

Robotics Engineer

Varshini Kannan

Robotics Engineer

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  • Software Packages Developed


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