Progress in Technology

Vision Engine

Carton Model

Detects and Locates Cartons and figures out their Orientation

SKU/Gripping Model

Detects the SKU, locates them and finds the best point for the gripper to grip

Manipulation Stack

UR5e Robotic Arm

Testing on UR-5e robotic Arm

Navigation Stack

Cookie- Obstacle Avoidance

Testing Navigation Stack on In-house Testing Platform - Cookie Robot

Cookie - Circuit

Testing Cookie Robot in a Bulk Grocery Warehouse. It is demonstrating one of its use-cases.

Other Deployments

We have remotely deployed in around 10 + robots. These Videos from year 2020.

Upcoming Features

Access To Every Crate

Drop SKUs at crates kept at different locations and heights

Infrastructure Changes

Doesn't require any changes or addition to the infrastructure of the warehouse

Versatile Gripper

A vacuum gripper capable of gripping range of SKUs

The Team

Adityanag 'Aditya' Nagesh

Chief Business Officer

Ex- VP Hardware Sensara

Puru Rastogi

Chief Executive Officer

Alum: Carnegie Mellon University, IIT- G

Arihant Lunawat

Part-Time Robotics Engineer

Alum: Georgia Tech, BITS Pilani

Himanshu Gupta

Technical Advisor

Doctoral Student at Alto University

Utkarsh Rai

Robotics Engineer

Alum - NIT Silchar

Safar V

Robotics Engineer

Alum- IIT- Madras

Praveen Selvaraj

Perception Lead

Alum - University of Leeds, COE Guindy

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