High-throughput Grocery Fulfillment

Fully Automated Pick 'n' Drop


Fast, vision-enabled material handling


Completely autonomous and safe motion


Fault-free consolidation in customer specific bins



Savings in warehouse expenses


Accurate inventory data


Reduction in pilferage

Under the Hood

Navigation Core

Proprietary stack for motion planning and obstacle avoidance to ensure complete safety for man and machine.

Vision Intelligence

Learning based vision model that runs on the edge to locate and identify close to 3000 FMCG SKUs in real time.

Fleet Management

Swarm Intelligence to ensure seamless co-operation among robots and between robots and humans. See if those work.

The Team

Adityanag 'Aditya' Nagesh

Chief Business Officer

Ex- VP Hardware Sensara

Puru Rastogi

Chief Executive Officer

Alum: Carnegie Mellon University, IIT- G

Arihant Lunawat

Part-Time Robotics Engineer

Alum: Georgia Tech, BITS Pilani

Himanshu Gupta

Technical Advisor

Doctoral Student at Alto University

Utkarsh Rai

Robotics Engineer

Alum - NIT Silchar

Safar V

Robotics Engineer

Alum- IIT- Madras

Praveen Selvaraj

Perception Lead

Alum - University of Leeds, COE Guindy

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